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ITS Energy Services

ITS Energy Services

Company spotlight on ITS Energy Services - provider of equipment, services and manufacturing support within the Oil & Gas Industry


ITS Energy Services, a leading provider of equipment and services to the global oil and gas industry, has recently expanded its inventory with the addition of a range of premium oilfield drilling tools. The ITS Energie Drilling Jar and ITS Energizer are a new generation of products designed specifically to combat some of the most severe conditions that are prevalent in today’s drilling environment.

Manufactured at purpose built facilities in Taloja (near Mumbai), India, and with plans to open a Houston base in the near future to service increasing demand, these proprietary tools represent the latest step forward for the company as it strives to provide customers with efficient and cost-effective equipment from its worldwide locations.

Founded in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1986 the ITS Group operates from 25 facilities in 16 countries - including US, Trinidad, Mexico, Venezuela, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan and Singapore - with a worldwide workforce of 1,100 employees. The Group provides a wide range of oilfield services including drilling and pressure control equipment, fishing, casing running and machine shop services. The ITS Energie Drilling Jar and ITS Energizer, which are already in commercial operation, will further strengthen the company’s core service streams.


ITS Energie Drilling Jar

The ITS Energie Driling Jar is a tool used to apply an intensified force to free a stuck component of the drill string which unless otherwise removed  is preventing continued drilling. The tool operates by stretching the drill string which in turn causes potential energy to be stored inside the string. When the jar reaches its maximum point of extension, it “fires” and converts this stored energy into kinetic energy to deliver an impact blow to the object stuck downhole.

The ITS Energie Drilling Jar is hydraulically operated but also incorporates mechanical properties to create an integrated double-acting drilling jar that can fire upwards and downwards. The design includes a hydraulic time delay which allows the operator to vary the jarring force before applying the drawworks brake – this gives smooth control over the impact load and ensures damage to the hoisting equipment is easily avoided. In terms of its mechanical features, a mechanical lock setting prevents movement of the jar during normal operations and averts unnecessary wear of the internal components.


ITS Energizer

In instances where the force from the ITS Energie Drilling Jar alone is insufficient to free the drill string, the operator can amplify the impact through the use of the ITS Energizer. This is a two-stage mechanically designed tool that not only increases the chances of freeing the component lodged downhole but also protects drill string and rig surface equipment through the absorption of shock waves caused by the jarring action.

Developed after recognising that demand for a reliable and cost-effective drilling jar package existed across several markets, the ITS Energie Drilling Jar and ITS Energizer are designed to operate under varying downhole conditions. The tools can be deployed in both vertical and horizontal wellbores and are available in two settings: a standard offering allows 350 rotating hours in temperatures of up to 275°F while a package aimed at combating a tougher environment provides 200 rotating hours in temperatures of up to 450°F.  The robust design and durable operational qualities of these tools make them suitable to withstand some of the harshest drilling conditions such as high-torque and directional drilling.

G. V. Anand, General Manager of ITS India said, “Our extensive experience in the industry has proven that reliability is of critical importance to our customers. Customers want equipment that is well designed and well manufactured – tools that they can count on to get the job done on time and every time. In designing our ITS Energie Drilling Jar and ITS Energizer, we believe we have created two tools that rank amongst the best in industry for reliability and efficiency”


This article was provided by ITS Group

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